With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to kick things into high gear and rev up the fun with an egg-cellent activity that’ll get kids racing. Get ready for an Easter Egg hunt with DRIVEN – buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a wild Easter ride!

What You'll Need

First things first, let’s gather our supplies. You’ll need a variety of colorful plastic Easter eggs, some delicious treats, and a fleet of DRIVEN Pocket Series vehicles. These miniature marvels pack a ton of fun into a tiny, collectible package. The only thing better than a Pocket Series surprise crate is a Pocket Series surprise EGG! Fill the eggs with treats and vehicles.

Setting Up the Egg Hunt

Now that we’re all set, it’s time to lay out our course. Choose a spacious area, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and hide the Easter eggs (and their precious cargo) strategically around the space. Remember to hide them in places that are accessible, but still pose a challenge for the eager egg hunters. You don’t have to hide all the vehicles, though. One fun idea is to use larger DRIVEN toys as hiding places. The only thing more fun than finding an Easter egg is finding one tucked into a Dump Truck, perched on a Fire Truck ladder, or balanced on a Front-End Loader!

Ok, now it’s time to line up on the starting line – ready, set, GO!

Toy truck easter egg hunt

The Race is On!

Now that the race is underway, don’t forget to encourage your little drivers to work together as a team, helping each other navigate the terrain and locate those elusive eggs. With their keen and curious eyes, they’ll soon uncover a treasure trove of treats and surprises!

When kids have collected all the eggs, it’s time to haul their winnings back to the ol’ garage. Why not empty their baskets into the back of a hard-working hauler? The Recycling Truck is ready to get it done! Then it’s time to unwrap and unpack those treats to discover a double surprise. Pocket Series surprise packs are a great way to get a mystery treat or to add kids’ collection of Rare, Super Rare, or Ultra Rare vehicles!

So there you have it, folks – a DRIVEN Easter Egg hunt that’s guaranteed to rev up the fun! Tell us – how do you like to add extra egg-citement to Easter? Share your experience with us on Instagram or TikTok by tagging us @drivenbybattat.

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