Welcome to the DRIVEN Collection Guide! Are you ready to dive into the world of exhilarating toy vehicles? At DRIVEN, we offer a range of categories to cater to every playtime preference. From the jumbo trucks that make a bold statement to the thrilling remote-controlled options, or from the hands-on experience of take-apart vehicles to the high-speed excitement of turbocharged cars, we have something for everyone. 

Jumbo Crane Truck

Jumbo Trucks

What you’ll find: In this collection, you’ll find the biggest vehicles we offer. These trucks are humungous and loaded with excellent features. With lights, sounds, working parts, and detailed construction, you’ll feel like you’re right in the driver’s seat!

Why you’ll love it: Coming in at approximately 30 inches long, these toys are true showstoppers!

Where to start: Take a closer look at the Jumbo Crane Truck. This colossal truck features a working crane arm, storage compartments, stabilizing legs, movable parts, and more.


What you’ll find: Explore construction vehicles, city trucks, and even a take-apart race car – all with powerful remote-control technology.

Why you’ll love it: What’s more fun than a toy truck? A toy truck you can control remotely, of course! These toys are a big hit with kids of all ages!

Where to start: Check out the R/C Micro Tow Truck. This small but mighty truck has so many incredible details that make it feel just like the real thing. You can even use the hook, rope, and rear-loading platform to rescue stranded toys!

R/C Micro Tow Truck
Take-Apart Sports Car


What you’ll find: The toys in this collection take playtime to the next level. Build your vehicle from the ground up, customize it, and test your build on the road!

Why you’ll love it: This collection is perfect for kids who love tinkering, building, and racing. Plus, they’ll learn STEM concepts while they play!

Where to start: Our Take-Apart Sports Car is an excellent example of what makes this collection so cool! With this 34-piece set, you can build and customize your own sports car and then watch it race!


What you’ll find: If you’ve got a need for speed, this collection is for you! You’ll find swift pull-back cars and racetracks loaded with daring jumps and 360° loops.

Why you’ll love it: This collection is full of adrenaline-fueled fun! You’ll love watching these fast and fearless vehicles speed around tight corners, over huge drops, and through the finish line!

Where to start: Challenge a friend to race with Turbo Dash. This speedy set includes 24 feet of tracks and 2 pullback cars that you can send through tight turns and 360° loops all the way past the finish line blockade.

Boy playing with Turbo Dash


What you’ll find: Motorsport is the newest collection from DRIVEN, and the first vehicles to join the lineup are our toughest yet. You’ll find rough-and-tumble monster trucks that can take on any terrain!

Why you’ll love it: This collection is a fan favorite! These rugged vehicles have tons of special features, including realistic suspension so that you can land the most epic stunts.

Where to start: Start exploring this collection with Blaze. With flexible suspension, grippy tires, and a sturdy frame, this mighty monster truck will rule the roadway!

We hope this DRIVEN Collection Guide has sparked your excitement! Whether you prefer R/C power, rugged monster trucks, speedy sports cars, or something in between, DRIVEN has you covered. Explore our categories, find your favorites, and embark on thrilling playtime journeys

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